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Sweet Kid Tarwegrassap Kids 120 Vcaps


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Sweet Wheat for Kids 120 V-caps

Sweet Kid® was developed to provide children with less than perfect diets a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins missing from their fast food and sugar-saturated lunchroom diets. Each bottle contains 90 capsules of a special, natural formulation containing 100% Organic Sweet Wheat® freeze dried wheatgrass juice, specific enzymes and nutrients (such as the probiotics bifidus and acidophilus) in combination with the superfood, blue-green algae.

In addition to changes in attitude, taking Sweet Kid regularly, assisted in eliminating the child’s craving for junk food – a craving that is not natural or healthy.

Growing up the right way, naturally !

  • Do you find your kids have behavior problems ?
  • Do they find it hard to focus ?
  • Have they been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD ?
  • Do they have poor eating habits?

Many parents have found that Sweet Kid®; helps address many of the symptoms associated with behavioral problems, including ADD and ADHD. Sweet Kid®; was designed to provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are missing from children’s diets today. The special formulation in Sweet Kid®; helps to remedy severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children today.

Why does Sweet Kid® work?

Without water and eating acidic food (like processed or fast foods), the cell membranes harden. This can cause memory loss, disorientation, and a slowdown of mental processes. Not having enough B vitamins (mainly from eating processed or sugar-enriched food) results in lessened vision, diminished response time and oxygen deprivation to the brain. This in turn can cause a constant nervousness and agitation.

Lack of amino acids can cause trouble with transmitting nerve impulses (reduced motor skills and reaction time), cravings for sugar, reduced concentration and alertness, mood swings and “anxiety attacks”, constipation, fatigue and a host of other problems. This stems from lowered or impaired metabolism of sugar, resulting in blood sugar levels becoming too high.

Nutritional factors can account for many symptoms present in children who are diagnosed ADD or ADHD. By remedying these deficiencies, these symptoms can often diminish, helping your child to be healthy and alert.

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